Ancient Mesopotamia & Egypt

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Ch. 2 Ancient Mesopotamia & egypt

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Located in what is today Iraq & Syria; the earliest human civilizations began here mesopotamia_map.gif (image/gif) Mesopotamia
a self-governing state made up of a city and its surrounding territory. Athens was once a powerful city-state that operated like a small country. the city-state City State (binary/octet-stream)
Hammurabi.jpg (image/jpg) Hammurabi's Law Code: the oldest code of laws; KIng Hammurabi of Babylon gave his people very strict laws to live by; these laws were based on idea "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth"
center of city life; these were massive structures built by the Sumerians; at the top there was a temple ziggurat_ur.jpg (image/jpg) ziggurat
decorative gardens planted on the terraces of the ziggurats of ancient Babylon. Historians believe that King Nebuchadnezzar had the Hanging Gardens of Babylon built for his wife, who missed her lush and leafy homeland. Hanging Gardens of Babylon Hanging Gardens Of Babylon (binary/octet-stream)
A wedge-shape system of writing invented by the Sumerians cuneiform_tablet.jpg (image/jpg) Cuneiform
The invention of the ___ made it easier for Sumerians to transport goods sumerian_wheel.gif (image/gif) the wheel
belief in many gods Greek-gods.jpg (image/jpg) Polytheism (aka polytheistic)
long epic poem from Mesopotamia tells the story of a king searching for the secret of immortality; considered the first great piece of literature in history Epic of Gilgamesh Epic Of Gilgamesh (binary/octet-stream)
men dominated the society Patriarchal
Egyptian pharaoh who united Lower and Upper Egypt in 3100 BC; he wore a double crown to symbolize the unification egypt_king_menes.gif (image/gif) King Menes
egypt_canopic_jars.Jpeg (image/Jpeg) Canopic jars: special jars used to store the internal organs of a mummy
type of government in which the ruler is considered a god; literally means "rule by God"; in Ancient Egypt the pharaoh was worshipped as a god theocracy
the longest river in the world; Egypt is often called the "Gift of the _______" egypt_map.jpg (image/jpg) Nile River
a family of rulers; the right to rule is passed down within the family dynasty
original meaning " great house" or "palace"; name for the Egyptian King pharaoh
two stage process for preserving a dead body; the first stage is embalming the body; then the wrapping and burial of the body mummification mummy.jpg (image/jpg)
The Great Pyramid images__2_.jpg (image/jpg) the largest and the oldest of the 3 pyramids at Giza; built by King Khufu
He ruled for 67 years; built massive temples; defeated the Hittites ramessess.jpg (image/jpg) Ramessess II
boy pharaoh whose tomb survived in tact; over 3,000 artifacts were found tut.jpg (image/jpg) King Tutankhamun
a god or godless deity
worship of only one God monotheism
land along the Nile that is very fertile due to the silt left behind by floods black_land.jpg (image/jpg) black land
the annual flooding of the Nile River; when the flood waters would go down, farmers would plant their wheat, barley, and other grains in the rich black silt left behind inundation
waterfalls along the Nile River; provided natural protection from invading armies cataract.jpg (image/jpg) cataracts
Egyptian god of the afterlife; according to myth he was murdered by his evil brother, Seth. Seth cut up Osiris' body into 14 pieces and scattered them throughout Egypt. Isis the wife of Osiris found the pieces and sewed him back together, bringing him back to life Osiris Osiris.jpg (image/jpg)
Egyptian picture writing hieroglyphics.jpg (image/jpg) Hierogylphics
a stone with writing on it in two languages (Egyptian and Greek); its discovery allowed Egyptologists to decode hieroglyphs Rosetta Stone rosetta_stone.jpg (image/jpg)
Ancient Egyptians wrote on this material made from a reed-like plant that grows on the Nile River papyrus
the first woman to become pharaoh hatshepsut.png (image/png) Queen Hatshepsut
an Egyptian book of spells read by priests during the mummification process; a copy was placed with the mummy The Book of the Dead
The Egyptians fought the _________ at the Battle of Q'Desh; they were the other superpower of the ancient world Hittites
a colossal stone statue located next to the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Carved out of limestone, it has the facial features of a man and the body of a lion sphinx2-5.jpg (image/jpg) The Great Sphinx
a simplified version of Egyptian hieroglypic wirting, used for business transactions, record keeping, etc hieratic script
mastaba.jpg (image/jpg) Mastaba: rectangular building with slanted walls; the earliest burial sites for nobility during the Old Kingdom
famous for saying there was only one god, the sun god. He ruled with his wife, Nefertiti, and they closed many of the temples to other gods. He was the father of the famous King Tut. Akhenaton
left the physical body and could then move around. They believed the Ka could drink and eat, but was stuck in the tomb in the body of the mummy the "ka" 1fe6ffd0-69a2-4cbb-ad6c-4bf55f58eb24.jpg (image/jpg)
the name Ancient Egyptians used for the spiritual body or soul, that would leave the physical body and join with the sun god each day the "ba"
khufu_s_boat.jpg (image/jpg) King Khufu's Boat Discovered in 1950 buried under the Great pyramid; on its end the boat is 13 stories tall. Why was it buried there?
Hatsheput the first great woman ruler in history; she ruled Egypt as a King 920f38f5-e71a-42ed-91bb-5cc9905aa90f.png (image/png)
a4596f25-3a4b-47c8-882a-25f499e14d11.jpg (image/jpg) a piece of stone with Greek writing & Egyptian Hieroglyphics on it; discovered in 1799 by Napoleon's soldiers while building a fort; it allowed us to translate Egyptian hieorglyphics
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