Key Terms- Changing Urban Environments

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FRAME the outer part of the CBD (central business district) containing smaller, more specialised shops
URBANISATION an increase in the % of people living in URBAN areas
BROWNFIELD SITE an area of land that's previously been built on that's available to be built on again
GREENFIELD SITE an area of open land that has never been built on previously
INFORMAL SECTOR not regular paid employment, unofficial work, often self-help small-scale services such as street sellers and shoe shiners
INDUSTRIALISATION growth and increasing importance of the manufacturing industry
MEGA CITY an urban area with over 10 million people living there e.g. Sao Paulo
MILLIONAIRE CITY urban area with more than 1 million people living there
SQUATTER SETTLEMENT homes on land not owned by the people living there, built illegally
ECO-TOWN (3 features) a place to live that's built from recycled materials, carbon neutral and has a low energy consumption
GENTRIFICATION associated movement of wealthy people back into areas of former urban decay
MULTICULTURAL when people from different ethnic, racial or religious backgrounds live together
SEGREGATION high concentration of land uses AND/OR groups of people in certain areas of the city, separate from other people
SUBURBS part of an urban area that has grown outwards from the old centre
CORE the centre of a CBD (central business district)
CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT (CBD) urban zone located in the centre, mainly shops and offices
LAND USES the way the land surface is used
FUNCTION the settlements purpose
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