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Toujours Always
rencontrer to meet
doute doubt
suivre follow
devenir become
comportement behaviour
temps en temps occaisionally
retrouver recover
demain tomorrow
maintenant now
besoin need
tu peux venir can you come
libre to be free
manquer to miss
les camarades des classes class mates
tous les jours everyday
on peut one/we can
remplir to fill
aventure adventure
en plus in addition
savoir to know
recettes recipes
devoir should
l'assiette plate
le sel salt
presser to rush (urgency)
sal dirty
toujours still/always
werre glasses
la tasse cup
faire to do/make
aller to go
avoir to have
venir to come
jouer to play
attendre to wait
finir to finish
acheter to buy
boire to drink
devoir to have/shall/must
dire to say
appeler (s'appeler) to call/ to be called
se coucher to put to/go to bed
demeurer to live
donner to give
se laver to wash
se lever to lift/stand up
pleurer to cry
porter to wear/carry
pouvoir to be able to
vendre to sell
venir to come
voir to see
vouloir to want
fete (with ^ on e) party
libre free
vaiselle dishes
de/ja\ (/\ accents on the e and a) already
ta?che menage\r (question mark upside down on a) house work
la respirator vacuum
je sais I know
emploi job
circulation traffic
trop too much
mauvais bad
chaque fois every time
chaque each
choix choice
ne ..... personnes nobody
ne .......rien nothing
rentre coming back
punir to punish
mettre to put
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