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Which of the following wig types simulates natural hair growth and creates a natural look? a. cap b. hand-knotted c. machine made d. semi-hand tied B. Hand-knotted
What is the purpose of thinning hair near the base of a wig? a. add weight b. remove bulk c. prevent frizzing d. provide volume B. Remove bulk
A hair addition is attached to which portion of the client's own hair? a. root b. base c. ends d. midstrand B. Base
Using a combination of hand-tied and machine-made processes results in which of the following wig types? a. cap b. synthetic c. hand knotted d. semi-hand tied D. Semi-hand tied
A hair piece worn by men to cover bald or thinning hair spots, particularly on top of the head, is called a: a. fall b. braid c. toupee d. chignon C. Toupee
Which of the following hair types are most often used to construct human hair wigs? a. Asian, Indian, and European b. European, and African c. South and North American d. African and South American A. Asian, Indian, and European
Dart alterations of a wig are made vertically to: a. add width in the nape area b. remove width in the nape area c. shorten a wig from the front to the nape d. avoid excess bulk close to the perimeter B. Remove width in the nape area
Two methods used to cover the client's hair when putting on a wig are a fine net and which of the following? a. toupee b. wig cap c. shaping d. wig blocking B. Wig cap
Which of the following terms identifies the procedure for sizing a wig? a. pinning b. blocking c. matching d. sythesizing B. Blocking
Which type of hairpiece allows the client's hair to be pulled through for blending purposes? a. switch b. cascade c. integration d. curl segment C. Integration
Which of the following techniques would be recommended for use at the front hairline to soften and create a more natural-looking result? a. thinning b. backcombing c. color fringe darker than the original d. cutting the fringe to 1/2 inch in length B. Backcombing
The formula for synthetic wigs is from what type of product? a. yak b. animal c. canvas d. petroleum B. Animal
How often should human-hair wigs be cleaned if worn regularly? a. daily b. once a week c. every 2 to 4 weeks d. every two months C. Every 2 to 4 weeks
In addition to chemically treating hair prior to using it for human hair wigs, it has most likely been: a. pre-shrunk b. decolorized and bleached c. coated in modacrylic fiber d. soaked in a petroleum product B. Decolorized and bleached
Human hair strands will produce which of the following results when undergoing a match test? a. burn slowly b. burn rapidly c. metl on the ends d. produce no odor A. Burn slowly
Which of the following methods describes attaching additional hair fiber to the client's hair by using a special adhesive? a. bonding b. trach and sew c. on-the-scalp braiding d. off-the-scalp braiding A. Bonding
Generally, hair from India is wavy and hair from Asia is: a. long b. curly c. short d. straight D. Straight
Which type of wig can be very difficult to design since the direction of the hair is determined by the position in which the weft is sewn to the cap? a. toupee b. hand-tied c. machine made d. semi-hand tied C. Machine Made
Coloring procedures used on human-hair wigs or hairpieces can include all of the following EXCEPT: a. temporary rinses b. semi-permanent colors c. high level (lighter) oxidative colors d. fillers or low-level (darker) oxidative colors C. High level (lighter) oxidative colors
What hairpiece has a base that covers the crown, occipital and nape area? a. fall b. braid c. switch d. chignon A. Fall
Which type of wig is available in several sizes and is most often handmade? a. cap wig b. capless wig c. synthetic wig d. machine-made wig A. Cap wig
Which hair addition is made up of hair fibers six inches or less in length attached to a round-shaped flat base? a. switch b. wiglet c. chignon d. curl segment B. Wiglet
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a capless wig? a. weights only a few ounces b. most popular form of wigs c. consists of an elasticized mesh-fiber base d. consists of rows of hair wefts sewn to elastic C. Consists of an elasticized mesh-fiber base
The type of human hair wig that is generally the most expensive is: a. Asian b. Indian c. European d. South American C. European
Which of the following wigs types has a predetermined curl pattern? a. animal hair b. human hair c. combination d. synthetic D. Synthetic
Liquid dry shampoo should be used to clean: a. synthetic wigs b. canvas blocks c. human-hair wigs d. animal-hair wigs C. Human-hair wigs
After initial preparations with a toothbrush or cotton ball, hand-tied wigs should be cleaned: a. on a block b. in a washing machine c. by swishing in the sink d. by a professional dry-cleaning establishment A. On a block
What hair addition method uses a bonding agent activated by a healing element to affix loose hair fiber to small sections of the client's own hair? a. fusion b. lock stitch c. trach and sew d. on-the-scalp braiding A. Fusion
Why are human-hair wigs more expensive? a. sewing costs are too high b. coloring costs are too high c. supply of human hair is limited d. supply of human hiar is overabundant C. Supply of human hair is limited
How do you shorten a wig from the front to the nape? a. sew a seam b. make a horizontal tuck c. create a dart d. make a vertical tuck D. Make a vertical tuck
Human-hair wigs should be cleaned once daily, depending on how frequently the piced is worn. True or False False
The majority of the thinning should be done near the base of the wig, along the front hairline and behind the ears. True or False True
When measuring for a toupee, having the client dip his head back will help you find the ideal position for the center hairline. True or False False
A razor is recommended when sculpting wigs made out of synthetic fibers to avoid frizz. True or False False
A fall consists of individual pieces of curly hair that come in various sizes of bulk. True or False False
Alterations made vertically to remove width in the nape area (from ear to ear)} are called tucks. True or False False
When fitting a client with a wig, measure the circumference of the head, making sure to include the client's ears under the measuring tape. True or False False
Modacrylic (Synthetic) wigs are the most expensive because the supply for these types of fibers is limited. True or False False
When putting the wig on the client, place the nape area of the wig on the client first before fitting the front hairline of the wig. True or False False
The methods in which the hair can be attached to the wig cap or base are hand-tied, machine made, or semi-hand tied. True or False True
Human hair will burn slowly and produce an odor while synthetic hair will burn quickly and without an odor. True or False False
The standard hair color ring used by wig and hairpiece manufacturers to show all the colors used for wigs and hairpieces is called a P and L ring. True or False False
Wig construction falls into two general categories: capless wigs and toupees True or False False
Work with the client's natural growth pattern, since going against it could cause discomfort and damage to the hair. True or False True
Synthetic wigs and hairpieces can be safely put under a dryer since the fiber can withstand high heat levels. True or False False
When shrinking a cap wig, it is recommended that you use a block one size smaller than the wig's circumference. True or false True
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