Issues with Evolution Acceptance

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Prof Pritchard lecture 3

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What were the issues with terminology? Some words associated with evolution couldn't be properly defined, like 'fitness'.
Why did 'survival of the fittest' have negative effects in societies? The theory was applied to societies and it was believed that some individuals were simply better than others. It reinforced social hierarchy as some argued that free competition helped the most capable survive and rise to the top of society.
What dire effects could social Darwinism have had? There was the issue of 'if the government helps the weak, the weak survive, pass on their weak characteristics and society as a whole is weakened. In extreme theories, it could have led to eugenics where the controlled development of the human race was organised through breeding programs.
What is fitness usually defined as? Fitness is now known as the ability an individual has to pass on their genes to the next generation. So, in theory, a man who has had a lot of mating success and has seven children is fitter than a very muscular man with no children.
How did evolution theory affect religion? Some thought it seemed to no longer give us a need for a God as evolution showed man kind didn't work the way the bible said it did. Hence, it can be viewed as an abolition of God. But others saw it as a strengthening of religion, perhaps as they saw it as a test?
What is pleiotropy? Genes affecting many characteristics. Eg, the first effect of genotype WW or Ww is that cats are white (can be good or bad depending on environment) but the second effect is that white cats are deaf. This is bad.
Example of antagonistic pleiotropy>? In youth, increased testosterone is positive as it can increase reproductive fitness. In later life, increased testosterone can have negative effects like higher risks of prostate cancer
What is the genetics central dogma composed of? Darwin + Mendel = central dogma
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