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Emirate It is a province of a caliphate; governed by an emir or governor
Kora, It is a province of the Muslim Empire
Roderic He was the last king of the Visigothic kingdom
Suebi Gemanic tribe. They invaded the Iberian Peninsula in te 5th century and created a kingdom in the Roman province of the Gallaecia ( Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula )
Wittiza Visigoth king of the Iberian peninsula. He was the predecessor of Roderic
Musa Islamic governor of Iffriquiya. The Islamic province in the North of Africa. He ruled the islamic invasion of the Iberian peninsula.
Tariq Musa´s lieutenant. He was the leader of the Muslim invasion of the Iberian peninsula
Berebers Inhabitants from the highlands of northern Africa
Guadalete Battle where Roderic, the last Visigoth king, was defeated by the Muslims.
Umayyad Islamic dynasty that ruled Muslim Empire from 661 to 750
Abbassid Muslim dynasty, ruled much of the Muslim Empire from AD 750-1258 from their capital at Bagdad.
Al- Andalus A Muslim-ruled region in Iberian Peninsula established by the arabs from the eighth century A.D. to the 15th century. It is meant land of Vandals.
Abd al Rahman I Umayyad person who created a dinasty in AlAndalus independent from tha Abbassid caliphate.
Abd al Rahman III The grandson of Abd Al Rahman I. He centralized Al Andalus and established a strong government in Cordova. He created a new caliphate in Al Andalus. This period is the Golden Age of Añ Andalus.
Al Hakam II The son of Abd al Rahman III . He continued with the splendor and powerfullness of Al Andalus from 961 to 976
Hisham II The grandson of Abd al Rahman III. The decline of Al Andalus started with him.The government in his caliohate was given to Al Mansur.
Al Mansur Great islamic warrior in Al Andalus.He was the Hayib of Hisham II and fought against the Christiand very succesfully.
Taifas They were independent Muslim kigdoms on the iberian peninsula. Generally they were small and weak states
Almoravids A puritanical reformist movement among the Islamic Berber tribes of northern Africa. They createda vaste Empire from the Northern Africa to the Iberian Peninsula
Almohads Islamic group that overthrew the Almoravids in the 12th century. They were expelled from the Iberian Peninsula in the 13th century.
Madinat al Zahra Capital of Abd al Rahman III he was considered the most beautiful city of the 10th century.
Nasrid Kingdom The last Muslim kingdom in the Iberian Peninsula . Its capital was Granada . It was conquered by the Catholic Monarch in the 15th century.
Dinar Islamic gold coin
Dirhem Islamic silver coin
Arabs Ethnic group from Arabia. They were the dominat group in the Iberian Peninsula
Berbers Ethnic group from the northern Africa. They were settled in the mountains of the South of the Iberia Peninsula.
Muladis They were former Christians converted to Islam in the Iberian Peninsula
Mozarabs They were Christians people that continued to be Christians in Muslim lands
Medina It is the town centre in the Islamic city
Alcazaba It is a frotress in a Islamic city
Averroes Muslim philosopher. He lived in Cordova
Maimonides A Jewish philosopher in Cordoba, who organized a collection of Jewish oral law.
Ibn Hazm Muslim poet from Al Andalus
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