Ancient Greece Objective 2

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Government A system of authority created by the people of a country to maintain order and security in their society.
Authority Power over people
Citizen A person who receives protection and privileges from the government in exchange for their loyalty.
Monarchy A governmental system where one person (king or queen) has the total authority to rule
Tyranny A system of government where a person takes control of the government through illegal means, such as overthrowing or murdering the current leader
Oligarchy A system of government where a few wealthy landowners rule all of the people
Democracy A form of government where the people make the decisions, and the people vote leaders into power
Economy A system in which people produce, sell, and buy things to make a living (farming, trade, military)
Mercenary A professional soldier that is hired to serve in an army for a country he does not live in
Oracle A shrine where a person can go to get advice from a priest/priestess or from the gods
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