6.1 Elements

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How do scientists see atoms? They use scanning tunneling microscopes (STM) to enlarge an image.
What is special about mercury? It is the only metal that turns into a liquid at room temperature.
What does brittle mean? Break or crumble when bent .
How would we write chemical symbols? We would always write the first letter in capital and if there is a second letter then write it in small case.
What are the three ways that atoms can exist in? 1. single 2. clusters (molecules) 3. large grid structures (lattices)
What percent of elements are metals? 80%.
What are some properties that make up lattices in metals? make metals..... strong, dense, solid at room temperature.
how are metals and non- metals different? Metals tend to be shinier while non- metals tend to be dull and less shiny.
how does the periodic table work? organized? From lightest to heaviest.
Which non- metallic substance was used as fuel for powering the Ariane 5? The element hydrogen.
How many known elements are there? 118.
How many occur elements naturally are there? 98.
Define the word monatomic. describe elements that consist of single atoms.
Define lustrous. a metallic, shiny appearance.
Name some types of metallic elements. Aluminum, iron, gold, silver and mercury.
Name some types of non- metallic elements. Carbon. Iodine, bromine, chlorine and sulfur.
What is the symbol for potassium? K.
What is the symbol given for iron? Fe.
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