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Outback A sparsely inhabited region of Australia with low plateaus and plains.
Coral Reef A formation of rock-like material made up of the skeletons of tiny marine creatures.
Atoll A ring-shaped coral island enclosing a body of water
Plate Tectonics Theory that explains how huge blocks of Earth's crust called "plates" move
Aborigines The original inhabitants of Australia.
Maori The original inhabitants of New Zealand and the Cook Islands.
Assimilation Process by which one group takes on the cultural traits of another.
Ethnocentrism Attitude that one’s own social or cultural group is better than all others.
Missionary A person sent to another country by a church to spread its religious beliefs.
Indigenous Native to a region.
Coup Sudden violent overthrow of a government, often by the military.
Secondary Industry Industry involving the use of resources to create new products, such as manufacturing.
Primary Industry Industry involving the collection of resources from nature, such as fishing.
Drought Long period of extremely dry weather.
Climate Changes Long-term significant change to a region’s average weather.
Nuclear Weapon Powerful explosive device that can cause widespread destruction.
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