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What is all matter made out of? Atoms
How many types of atoms are there? ≈100
What do scientists use to see atoms? a scanning tunnelling microscope (STM)
What is element? substances that are made out of one type of atom
What is an example of an element? Any elements such as copper, oxygen, iron, hydrogen, gold, etc...
What are elements classified as? Elements are classified as either non-metallic or metallic
What are the properties of metals? 1. they are lustrous 2. they are solid at room temperature 3. they are good conductors of heat and electricity 4. they are malleable 5. they are ductile
What is special about mercury? Mercury is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature
What is special about non-metals? They have low melting and boiling points
What are the properties of non-metals? 1. they are dull 2. they insulate electricity and heat 3. they are brittle
What is special about bromine? it is the only non-metal that is liquid at room temperature
What are some examples of non-metals? Non-metals such as charcoal, iodine, chlorine, sulfur, etc...
How many of the 118 elements on the periodic table occur in nature? 98
How does the periodic table list the elements? from lightest to heaviest
What is the symbol for Calcium? Ca
What is atomic number of potassium (K)? 19
What is the symbol for gold? Au
What are monatomic elements? rare elements that are made up of individual atoms (e.g. neon, argon, krypton, etc...). Only six are naturally occurring.
What are molecules? clusters of two or more atoms that are put together
What are crystal lattices? large grid-like structures that repeat in a series of atoms. All metals have them.
What is an example of the few non-metals that have lattices? graphite
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