Ambulatory Surgical Instruments

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Adson Dressing Forceps
Adson Tissue Forceps
Dissecting Scissors - Curved
Dissecting Scissors - Straight
Bandage Scissors - small
Dressing or thumb forceps plain
Backhaus Towel Clamp
Ear Forceps Delicate
Ear Forceps (Alligator)
Ear Forceps (Serrated)
Ear Forceps (Regular)
Finger Bandage Scissors
Graves Vaginal Speculum
(Hartman) ear forceps
Hemostat forceps (standard)
Hemostat forceps (delicate)
Iris scissors (curved)
Iris scissors (straight)
Jones Towel Clamp
Hirschman Proctoscope
Hirschman Anoscope
Lucae ear forces
Needle Holder
Needle Holder (alt)
Needle Holder with cutting edge
Physician's Splinter Forceps
Scalpel Handle #3
Plain Splinter Forceps
Skin Hooks
Scalpel Handle #7
Scalpel Handle #3L
Surgical Blade #11
Surgical Blade #15
Surgical Blade #10
Surgical Blade #12
Suture Removal Scissors
Tissue Forceps with Teeth
Toothed Hemostatic Forceps (Straight)
Toothed Hemostatic Forces (Curved)
Uterine Sponge Forceps (alligator curved)
Uterine Sound (Maleable)
Uterine Sponge Forceps (curved)
Uterine Sponge Forceps (straight)
Virtus Splinter Forceps
Vienna Nasal Speculum
Uterine Sponge Forceps (alligator straight)
Walter Splinter Forceps
Volkman Retractors
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