Onomatopoeia and animal sounds

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Liesl Marais
Created by Liesl Marais 9 months ago
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Question Answer
What is onomatopoeia? It is a sound device used in writing. When a word sounds like the noise it is describing.
Think of some onomatopoeia words. Pow, boom, splat, crackle, achoo, whizz, bash, splash, sizzle, bang, clang, ping...
018 Cow (binary/octet-stream) Cows moo
017 Dog (binary/octet-stream) Dogs bark
018 Dolphin (binary/octet-stream) Dolphins click
019 Raven (binary/octet-stream) Crows caw
020 Dove (binary/octet-stream) Doves coo
021 Frog (binary/octet-stream) Frogs croak
022 Hyena (binary/octet-stream) Hyenas laugh
012 Wolf (binary/octet-stream) Wolves howl
023 Horse (binary/octet-stream) Horses neigh
024 Donkey (binary/octet-stream) Donkeys bray
025 Lion (binary/octet-stream) Lions roar
026 Bee (binary/octet-stream) Bees buzz
027 Turkey (binary/octet-stream) Turkeys gobble
028 Monkey (binary/octet-stream) Monkeys chatter
029 Bear (binary/octet-stream) Bears growl
030 Cricket (binary/octet-stream) Crickets chirp
031 Goose (binary/octet-stream) Geese cackle
032 Cat (binary/octet-stream) Cats purr (or meow)
033 Eagle (binary/octet-stream) Eagles scream
034 Snake (binary/octet-stream) Snakes hiss
035 Owl (binary/octet-stream) Owls hoot
036 Sheep (binary/octet-stream) Sheep bleat
037 Elephant (binary/octet-stream) Elephants trumpet
038 Hen (binary/octet-stream) Hens cluck