ICT Systems: Input, Output and Storage

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What is an input device? Input Devices are pieces of hardware used to input data into a Computer, there are two different types of input devices: Manual- where the user inputs the data Automatic- where the computer inputs the data
Examples of input devices Keyboards, Microphones, Webcams, Barcode readers, Remote controls
What are Web cams? Webcams are devices connected to the computer which are capable of transmitting a live image of yourself through the LENS into the computer as they record your actions
What do Barcode Readers do? Barcode readers are used to represent information about products, a barcode is read using a scanner mainly in supermarkets in the EPOS terminal and more recently on passports.
What are some advantages of remote controls? They can be any distance from the device and still work. People who have difficulty walking find it easier to control devices.
What are Output devices? Output devices are pieces of hardware used to obtain output from a device that has been processed or stored on a computer
Examples of Output devices Laser Printers, Inkjet Printers, Dot matrix, Printer, Plotters and Speakers
Give 3 advantages of Inkjet Printers They are cheap to buy Faster at printing than a dot-matrix They produce good quality printouts
What are speakers used for? They are required to play sound files attached to multimedia presentations and websites Computers and MP3 players are used to play music from CD’s and DVD’s Speakers are an integral part of home entertainment
What is a storage device? A storage device is a piece of hardware used to store data which can be used to input the data onto any device
Example of Storage Devices Hard disks (fixed and removable) Magnetic tapes CDs and DVDs Blu-ray disks Memory Sticks Flash memory cards
Disadvantages of Removable hard disks If they are dropped they can get easily damaged They are more expensive than CDs
What does CD stand for? CD actually stands for Compact disk and can store around 650 MB of data
What DVD stand for? DVD actually stands for Digital Versatile disk and can hold over 9GBs of data
Give a few uses of Flash Memory Cards They are used for storing photography in digit cameras They are used in mobile phones to store numbers photos music etc. They are used in MP3 players to store music They are used as a backing storage in many handheld computers
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