Protista (Amoeba)

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Question Answer
Kingdom of the amoeba Protista
Amoeba feed by Encolsing its food with a drop of water inside a temporary food vacuole (phagocytosis)
Food vacuole Small, membrane-bound space containg solid ingested food
How do digestive enzymes pass into the food vacuole? From the cytoplasm
Where do the soluble particles of digestion go after digestion? Pass out of the vacuole and into the cytoplasm
False feet Pseudopodia
Reproduction Binary fission
Binary fission Cell splits into two identical daughter cells
Amoeba proteus Harmless
Entamoeba histolytica Amoebic dysentry Found in the Tropics Can prove fatal (vomiting, abdominal pain)
Outer cytoplasm Ectoplasm
Ectoplasm Outer cytoplasm, stiff, gel-like solid part, slows down the inflow of water and plays an imporatant role in the formation of pseudopodia.
Inner cytoplasm Endoplasm
Endoplasm Grainy, inner cytoplasm (due to food vacuoles and waste materials) More fluid than the ectoplasm.
Function of cell membrane Retain cells contents and to allow gases to diffuse in and out of the cell
Function of the nucleus Controls the cell
Function of the food vacuoles Secrete acids to kill prey and then produce enzymes for the prey to be digested. Digested materail is absorbed from the food vacuole into the cytoplasm.
Function of the pseudopodia Used for movement. The cytoplasm, especially the endoplasm, flows into the pseudopodia, causing the cell to move. The pseudopodia engulf or surround its prey.
Water osmosis IN
Function of the contractile vacuole Collects water that enters the amoeba. Swells, touches the cell membrane and bursts to expel the water. Resonsible for osmoregulation.
Osmoregulation Regulating salt and water. The contractile vacuole maintains the amoeba's cytoplasm at a correct concentation for effictient metabolism.
Do marine and parasitic amoeba have contractile vacuoles? Why? No, their external environment is almost identical in concentration (isotonic)