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Question Answer
Bailar To dance To Dance (binary/octet-stream)
Buscar To look for To Look For (binary/octet-stream)
Caminar To walk To Walk (binary/octet-stream)
Cantar To sing To Sing (binary/octet-stream)
Comprar To buy To Buy (binary/octet-stream)
Contestar To answer To Answer (binary/octet-stream)
Conversar To talk; To chat To Talk (binary/octet-stream)
Descansar To rest To Rest (binary/octet-stream)
Desear To want; To wish To Wish (binary/octet-stream)
Dibujar To draw To Draw (binary/octet-stream)
Enseñar To teach To Teach (binary/octet-stream)
Eschucar To listen To Listen (binary/octet-stream)
Esperar To wait for; To hope To Wait (binary/octet-stream)
Estar To be To Be (binary/octet-stream)
Estudiar To study To Study (binary/octet-stream)
Explicar To explain To Explain (binary/octet-stream)
Gustar To like; to be pleasing To Like (binary/octet-stream)
Hablar To talk; To speak To Speak (binary/octet-stream)
Llegar To arrive To Arrive (binary/octet-stream)
Llevar To carry To Carry (binary/octet-stream)
Mirar To look at; To watch To Watch (binary/octet-stream)
Necesitar To need To Need (binary/octet-stream)
Practicar To practice To Practice (binary/octet-stream)
Preguntar To ask To Ask (binary/octet-stream)
Preparar To prepare To Prepare (binary/octet-stream)
Regresar To return To Return (binary/octet-stream)
Terminar To end; To finish To Finish (binary/octet-stream)
Tomar To take; to drink To Take, Drink (binary/octet-stream)
Trabajar To work To Work (binary/octet-stream)
Viajar To travel To Travel (binary/octet-stream)