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Celtic priests who believed in many gods Druids
Missionary sent by the Pope to Ireland in AD 431 to convert pagans to Christianity Palladius
Account written by St. Patrick that gives brief details about his life St. Patrick's Confession
An island off the coast of Co. Kerry where monks established a monastery Skellig Michael
Small huts made of stone where monks slept Beehive huts
The monk in charge of a monastery Abbot
Three items of clothing worn by monks Long tunics, woollen cloaks and leather sandals
Founded the monastery at Glendalough in the 6th century St. Kevin
Founded the monastery at Clonmacnoise in the 6th century St. Ciarán
Three vows taken by monks Poverty, chastity and obedience
What was an oratory? A small church
What was a refectory? Where monks ate together
Building that contained a belfry where a bell was rung to call monks to services Round Tower
Four types of work carried out by monks Farming, making manuscripts, metalworking and stonemasonry
Handwritten books telling religious stories. Written in Latin by scribes working in scriptoriums Manuscripts
Materials used to write manuscripts Vellum (calfskin) or parchment (sheepskin), quills and ink
Two examples of manuscripts written by scribes The Book of Durrow and the Book of Kells
One use of a stone high cross They had carvings that were used to tell religious stories
One example of a high cross produced by monks St. Muireadach's Cross, Monasterboice, Co. Louth
Famous chalice produced by metalworking monks The Ardagh Chalice
Intricate gold wiring Filigree
Example of an Irish missionary who founded a monastery abroad St. Columcille founded the monastery of Iona in Scotland
Three examples of how Christianity changed Ireland's society and culture Pagans converted to Christianity/Great works of art were produced e.g. the Book of Kells/Monks taught people to read and write
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