Module 2.3: Specialised Cells

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Sabaa Khan
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Module 2.3: Specialised Cells By Sabaa Khan
What are multicelluar organisms? Living things made of many cells and they work together but do not all do the same thing
How many cells are there in the human body and how many types are there? There are about 50 trillion cells and 200 different types
What are types of muscles in the human body? Voluntary muscles (skeletal muscles), involuntary muscles (smooth muscles), and cardic muscles. Download (4) (binary/octet-stream)
What does your diaphram control? Your breathing and is an involuntary muscle.
What type of muscle is this? Download (5) (binary/octet-stream) Involuntary muscle (smooth muscle)
What contains a large number of mitochondria and why does it need it? All voluntary and involuntary muscles, this keeps the muscles working because of the energy provided.
Why doesn't cardic muscles ever get tired? It has a very large number of mitochondria to provide a continuous supply of energy.
Nerve cells make up your _________. Brain.
Define axons. Axons: Long fibres that extend from nerve cells and carry messages over long distances.
Define Red Blood Cells Cells the carry oxygen from the lung around the body.
Define White Blood Cells Part of the immune system and helps to fight infections.
How many types of fat cells are there in your body? Download (6) (binary/octet-stream)
What is the function of Root hairs? Root hairs increase the surface area of the root for water uptake.
What is the definition of guard cell? Guard cells: cells that work in pairs to open to close the stomata.