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Conditionals Contionals
Conditional 0 Algo que ocorre regularmente no presente
If + Simple Present + , + Simple Presente If someone enter the building, the alarm goes of
First Conditional Algo provável no futuro
If + Simple Present + , + Future If I study hard, I'll pass
Second Conditional Algo improvável no presente
If + Simple Past + , + would/might/could If I won the lotery, I would buy a house
Third Conditional Algo hipotético/irreal no passado Algo que deveria ter acontecido, mas não aconteceu, ou algo que não deveria ter acontecido mas aconteceu
If + Past Perfect (had + participle) + , + would/could/might have + past partiple If I had studied hard, I would have passed
Mixed Conditionals 2nd + 3rd = no presente, poderia ter afetado o passado 3rd + 2nd = algo no passado que poderia ter afetado o presente
If + Simple Past + , + would/could/might have + past partiple If + Past Perfect (had + participle) +, + would/might/could If I were more inteligent, I would have understood what the teacher explained If she had invited me, I would go to the mall with you today
3rd + 2nd = algo no passado que vai afetar no futuro 2nd + 3rd = algo que vai acontecer que afetou o passado If + Past Perfect (had + participle) + , + would/might/could If + Simple Past + , + would/could/might + have + past partiple
If she hadn't broken her arm, she would play in the match tomorow If I weren't going out tonight, I would have accepted Joe's invitation
Future Tenses Future Tenses
Future Continuous/Progressive Para falar de uma ação que estrá em progresso/andamento no futuro
Will Be + Verb + Ing By this time tomorrow, I'll be treveling to Europe
Future Perfect Uma ação estará completa antes de outra no futuro
Will have + Past Participle I'll have finished my homework by the time you arrive
Future Perfect Continuous/ Progressive Uma ação que estrará em andamento no futuro
Will have been + Verb + Ing I'll have been living here for 6 years next Friday
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