unit 3.2 Breathing and respiration

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Question Answer
Breathing and respiration By: Fayo Nebo
What cells need? Cells need energy to function
where do cells get energy from? From the respiration
What is Respiration? The series of chemical reactions that takes place in cells to release energy
What is chemical reactions represented by? Chemical reaction can be represented by: Oxygen+Glucose-> Carbon Dioxide+Water+Energy
How is mucus produced? The mucus is produced by glands in the skin lining the inside of your nose and millions of cilia line it
What is the respiratory system? It is the system of organs and tissues that takes air into the body
What is a pharynx? The cavity at the back of the nose
What is the cilia? They are tiny hairs lining on the nostrils
What is the diaphragm? It is a sheet of muscle that separates the chest from the abdomen
What is bronchioles? Small tubes formed by the division of the bronchi
What is bronchi? They are tubes formed by the division of the trachea
What is alveoil? A cluster of sacs at the end of the bronchioles where gas exchange takes place
What is carbon dioxide? Carbon dioxide is a waste product that would harm your body if you don't get rid of it
How much alveoil makes up your lung? 600 Million