GCSE Maths Equations

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All the equations you need to know for the GCSE Maths paper

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GCSE Maths Symbols, Equations & Formulae
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Question Answer
area of a regular triangle 1/2 x base x height
Pythagoras theorum a2 + b2 = c2
area of an irregular triangle 1/2absinC 1/2bcsinA 1/2acsinB
cosine rule for lengths a2 = b2 + c2 - 2bccosA
sine rule for lengths a/sinA = b/sinB = c/sinC
volume of a prism cross section x length
quadratic formula Quadratic Formula (binary/octet-stream)
percentage change difference/original x 100
percentage of something amount/total x 100
area of a rectangle length x width
area of a parallelogram base x height
area of a trapezium 1/2 x (a+b) x h
circumference of a circle πd 2πr
area of a circle πr2
volume of a rectangle length x width x height
volume of a cylinder πrh
volume of a pyramid 1/3 x area of base x height
working out speed speed = distance/time
working out density density = mass/volume
working out pressure pressure = force/area
size of one exterior angle 360/number of sides 360/n
number of interior angles (sides-2)180/sides (n-2)180/n
compound interest Th Kh371 Djp (binary/octet-stream)
cosine rule for angles a2-b2+c2 / 2bc