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Horatio Nelson

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Question Answer
When was Horatio Nelson born? Horatio (binary/octet-stream) a) on 27th September 1758 b) on 29th September 1758 X c) on 29th September 1757
At what age did he join the navy? Descarga (binary/octet-stream) a) 13 years old X b) 12 years old c) 14 years old
Who did Horatio Nelson fall in love with? Descarga+(1) (binary/octet-stream) a) Frances Nevis Nisbet b) Julia Hamilton c) Emma Hamilton X ❤
At what age was he named captain? Descarga+(2) (binary/octet-stream) a) 21 years old b) 20 yeard old X c) 19 years old
Did Nelson lost only an arm? Descarga+(3) (binary/octet-stream) a) Yes. b) No, an arm and his two eyes. c) No, an arm and an eye. X
When did the battle of Trafalgar begin? Descarga+(4) (binary/octet-stream) a) 1805 X b) 1804 c) 1807
Who was the captain of the Victory ship? Descarga+(5) (binary/octet-stream) a) Thomas Hirdy b) Tony Hardy c) Thomas Hardy X
Did Nelson was buried? Descarga+(6) (binary/octet-stream) a) No b) Yes, at St Paul's Cathedral X c) Yes , at St Pastor Cathedral
Where is one of the most famous landmarks ? Descarga+(7) (binary/octet-stream) a) London X b) Tenerife c) Madrid
When did Horatio Nelson die? Images (binary/octet-stream) a) on 21st September 1805 b) on 23rd October 1805 c) on 21st October 1805 X
Who was the name of his mother? Descarga (binary/octet-stream) a) Catherine Suckling X b) Catheline Sackline c) Rosana Sack
Was Horatio Nelson have a son? Descarga+(1) (binary/octet-stream) a) Yes,he is Peter. b) No, he had a daughter called Horatia X c) Yes, he had twins.
How many French and Spanish ships participated in the battle of Trafalgar? Spanish (binary/octet-stream) a) thirty two b) twenty seven c) thirty three X