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We think of qualitative research in 3 ways... - Theory testing -Theory elaborating - Theory generating
Why do we need qualitative research? 1. To describe what is occuring 2. To explain why something is occuring
What methods are usually used to acquire qualitative data? Field studies
What are important characteristics of qualitative work? - Happens in the field - Data is from perspective of participants - Flexibled, reflective research design - No standards for observations --> issues for reliability
What are possible research methods to gather qualitative data? - Case study research - Process research - Ethnography (interacting with organisation for substantial amount of time) - In-depth interviews
What data does qualitative research produce? unstructured data with no obvious patterns to it
Why is coding of qualitative data important? To reduce the amount of data, to structure it and to get more out of it
What are case studies? continuous comparison of data and theory starting with data collection
What are the steps of case studies by Eisenhardt? Gebe den Text hier ein... Case+Study+(Eisenhardt) (binary/octet-stream)
Field-based work, such as case studies, usually scores highly on __ and poorly on __ understanding of system and context; measuring behaviour precisely
What sampling technique would be appropriate for case studies? Theoretical sampling (beacuse extreme situations and strongly differing cases are observed to allow for transparency)
Important characteristics of case studies: - Case study research is related to grounded theory building - Case studies focus on understanding the dynamics within individual cases - C.S. include either one or more cases and multiple levels of analysis - C.S. typically combine multiple methods of data collection
Why are used multiple methods for case studies? - Quantitative data help the researcher be led astray by wrong impressions from qualitative data - Qualitative data are helpful to understand causal realtionships and to derive theoretical conclusions
Critique on qualitative research (e.g. interviews) - small sample size - no statistical analysis --> higher degree of subjectivity
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