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Must Dever (Obrigação) You Must be here in 3 minutes. The Show Must Go on! You must be joking!
Keep Manter, continuar. He keeps his car very clean. Keep out (phrasal verb) Keep me informed.
Should Dever (Aconselhavel) You should study more. You shouldn’t do this. Should I wait for you?
Saw Verbo See no passado I saw ( eu vi) You saw me when I was invisible.
Clique Panelinha (grupo fechado)
Wrong Errado. You were wrong about the party. That is the wrong answer. What's wrong?
Who Quem Who's that? Who are you?
Was Foi / Estava He was young.
Whole Inteiro/integral (including every part) She spent the whole afternoon studying. Whole grain.
While Enquanto. I can't talk while I'm driving. Tom is very confident while Lisa is Shy and Quiet.
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