Module 5.4 Light energy

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Question Answer
Module 5.4 Light Energy Unknown (binary/octet-stream) By: Rahma Salih Abdelgadir aka Sasha!
What is the speed of light? Th (binary/octet-stream) 300 million meters per second!
What is the difference between how can light travel and how sound can travel? Light: Doesn't need material to travel though. Sound: Sound must have something to travel though.
What is electromagnetic radiation? Unknown 1 (binary/octet-stream) Radiant energy released by stars.
List 4 radiation from the sun. Th 1 (binary/octet-stream) 1. Radio waves 2. X-ways 3. Microwaves 4. UV radiation
What is electromagnetic spectrum? The range of all forms of electromagnetic radiation.
What is the difference between the waves of the electromagnetic spectrum? Their ONLY difference is in their wavelength and frequency.
What is dispersion? Unknown 2 (binary/octet-stream) The splitting of white light into colours of the rainbow.
What is the visible spectrum? Visible Spectrum (binary/octet-stream) The band of colours produced from the splitting of white light.
What is the order of of colours within the visible spectrum? 1. Red 2. Orange 3. Yellow 4. Green 5. Blue 6. Indigo 7. Violet aka ROY G BIV
What happens when you move though the spectrum towards the end? Wavelength of light decreases and frequency increases.
What happens to light energy when it hits a surface ? Th 2 (binary/octet-stream) 1-Transmitted though the substance 2-Reflected from the surface 3-Absorbed into the substance
What is reflection? Th 3 (binary/octet-stream) The change in direction of a wave that bounces off a surface.
What is an image? Th 4 (binary/octet-stream) Figure of an object produced by reflected light or refracted rays of light.
What are plane mirrors? Th 5 (binary/octet-stream) Mirrors that are flat.
What is a convex mirror? Th 7 (binary/octet-stream) A mirror that curves outwards.
What is a concave mirror? Th 8 (binary/octet-stream) Mirror that caves inwards.
What is refraction? Th 9 (binary/octet-stream) The bending of light as it enters or leaves a material.
What is convex lens? Main Qimg 6ce84985c57b5a53cb8a7383b4e83452 (binary/octet-stream) Lens that curves outwards.
What is concave lens? Main Qimg 6ce84985c57b5a53cb8a7383b4e83452 1 (binary/octet-stream) Lens that curve inwards.
What is short-sightedness or myopia? Img Myopia Large 1 (binary/octet-stream) The lack to see things clearly unless they are some-what close to the eyes.
What is long-sightedness or hyperopia? Unknown 3 (binary/octet-stream) Incapable to see things clearly, especially if they are relatively close to the eyes.
What are glasses or contact lens used for? Adjust the focus of your eyes back to the correct position.
What are concave lens used for? Used to treat short-sightedness.
What are convex lens used for? Used to treat long-sightedness.