Weather and Climate

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We use a hygrometer to measure this Humidity
The first international standard for measuring it was created by Admiral Beaufort in 1806. Wind
To measure this, we use a rain gauge Precipitation
Water that falls to the ground from the atmosphere Precipitation
It describes how much water vapour is present in the air Humidity
A measure of how hot or cold the air is Temperature
It is moving air and its speed can be measured using an anemometer Wind
We use a thermometer to measure this Temperature
It can be measured in Celsius / Centigrade or Fahrenheit degrees. Temperature
Can you name two types of liquid precipitation? Rain Drizzle
Can you name solid precipatition? Hail Snow
When warm air rises and then cools down.. ice is formed
If a water droplet measures more than 0,5 mm is.. Rain
Cirrus clouds often means.. bad weather
Clouds contains millions of droplets of... water and ice.
All the atmospheric conditions presented in a specific place and time Weather
Polar, tropical and temperate Climate
when we talk about temperature, humidity, wind and precipitation Weather
It describes the main weather characteristics of a place. Climate
Water, air and heat from the Sun work together to make Weather
They are cold all year around Polar climates
Countries with this climate lie between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Tropical Climates
… have mild weather with hot summers and cold winters. Temperate Climate
The most densely populated parts of the world lie in this region. Temperate Climates
… are warm all year round and have rainy seasons. Tropical Climates
Winter brings darkness and temperatures as low as -50 ˚C Polar climates
Mediterranean-Continental climates have very low temperatures in winter and very hot ones in summer
Mountain climates have very low temperatures in winter and mild temperatures in summer
Mediterranean climates have high temperatures in the summer and mild winters
Oceanic climates are mild and rainy
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