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★ means that this word is for the first vocab quiz. If you haven't heard of this or don't have these vocab quizzes, ignore this. AL CREDITS GO TO HARCOURT BOOKS, WE HAVE RECIEVED THESE DEFINITIONS FROM THEM. Created by Mark And Devon.

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★ Fascism A system in which the government controls most of the economy, culture, and all the other parts of peoples' lives.
★ Racism The idea that one race, or group of people, is better than the other.
★ Dictator A ruler that has total power of it's country or people.
Mobilize To get ready to Fight.
★ Interment Camp A place where prisoners are held during war.
★ Aircraft Carrier A large ship that carries airplanes from land.
★ Concentration Camp A place where large numbers of people are held prisoner and forced to work.
★ Atomic BOMB! A POWERFUL Bomb That Can Destroy a Whole City!
★ Capitalism An economic system in which ordinary people and citizens control the production of goods and services.
★ Communism An economic system in which the government controls the production and owns the nation's natural and capital recourses
Market Economy An economic System in which people and businesses make most economic decisions.
★ Nuclear War A war in which powerful nuclear weapons are used.
Anti-communism A movement to stop the spread of communist ideas.
Arms Race A contest between nations to build more powerful weapons
Pearl Harbor The place that got bombed by Japan.
Iwo Jima one of the Volcano Islands, in the N Pacific, S of Japan: under U.S. administration after 1945; returned to Japan 1968. (Courtesy of dictionary.refrence.com)
D-Day On that day nearly 200,000 soldiers invaded France.
VE-Day Victory over Europe. Happened on May 8th, 1945
VJ-Day Victory over Japan. Happened on September 2nd, 1945
Holocaust A period of time where Hitler was killing Jews for their race and religion.
Hiroshima The place in Japan the got bombed by the U.S.
Nagasaki The other place in Japan that got bombed by the U.S.
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