Breckinridge Long and the Holocaust .

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203 History class, movement during the holocaust

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What were the reasons navitists feared immigrants would negatively transform the American society? The immigrants brought catholic, orthodox, jewish views. They wouldn't be fully loyal. Threat to jobs, communists, and were blamed for slums and crime.
What are the ways that America could restrict the entry of the undesirable? In 1921; 3% of the 1910 census. In 1924; 2% of the 1980 census. The Immigration Act of 1917, Literacy Test.
What was the Literacy test? The Literacy test was made to keep Asiatics from immigration to the US. It was also intended to keep the "least undesirable" people out of the country.
Who was Breckinridge? He was a high-level official in the state Dept. in charge of granting permission to those who wanted to come to America.
What was the problem that Breckingridge faced? There were German refugees who were seeking permission to go stay in the US. He thought they were undesirable because of their leftist leanings, and different ethnicity.
What was the solution that Breckingridge came up with? He played up that the danger of foreign subversion. He obstructed and delayed the immigration process.
What were the dangers that Breckinridge believed immigrants brought to the security of the country? He thought that the refugees could be unwilling agents to Nazi Germany, while others become willing agents to the Soviet Union.
Why were refugees considered undesirable in the 1930'1940's? Because of their ethnicity and leftist leanings
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