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3a93836a-9757-4ee6-b9cd-660fed8b2961.jpg (image/jpg) the London Eye also known as Millennium Wheel was first used on 31st December 1999 (testing; without passengers) then the 1st February 2000 (tested with passengers ) finally the 9th March 2000 (opened to general public)
616b9271-3ca7-44a6-a9d5-2a4090d86fcc.jpg (image/jpg) BIG BEN is the nickname for the Great Bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London, and often extended to refer to the clock and the clock tower. The tower is officially known as the Elizabeth Tower.
4458ffc6-a0a3-4340-b345-8833676a5918.jpg (image/jpg) GLOBE THEATRE This theatre in London was first built in 1599 by Shakespeare's playing company and was destroyed by fire in 1613. A modern reconstruction of the Globe, named "Shakespeare's Globe", opened in 1997
be54e925-acde-49b6-8bc0-42705fbe6bf1.jpg (image/jpg) WESTMINSTER ABBEY It is a large, mainly Gothic church in the City of Westminster. It has been the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English and, later, British monarchs.
0d889015-ffb6-4155-8021-8a546229f23e.jpg (image/jpg) BUCKINGHAM PALACE is the London residence and principal workplace of the monarchy of the United Kingdom. Located in the City of Westminster, the palace is often at the centre of state occasions and royal hospitality.
8e38c86a-530d-4fd9-80e5-434ca48fdd83.jpg (image/jpg) TRAFALGAR SQUARE It is a square in central London ( UK ) , built to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar ( 21 October the Year 1805 ) in which the British army defeated the French and Spanish navies Waterfront Cape Trafalgar.
d7ed43fb-fafd-48e9-bf05-baac3e34a4f2.jpg (image/jpg) PICCADILLY CIRCUS is a road junction and public space of London's West End in the City of Westminster, built in 1819 to connect Regent Street with Piccadilly
b54d3e74-042d-4e86-a391-63fa947dcffd.jpg (image/jpg) LEICESTER SQUARE is a pedestrianised square in the West End of London It is within the City of Westminster, and about equal distances, north of Trafalgar Square, east of Piccadilly Circus, west of Covent Garden, and south of Cambridge Circus.
cfac3d0d-89a5-46b3-8403-e9264afb4f9b.jpg (image/jpg) COVENT GARDEN It is a district of London, located in Westminster and the London borough of Camden. The area is dominated by shops , street performers and various entertainment elements .
e1cad329-1f1c-4451-b298-5cc6f3c30a0e.jpg (image/jpg) ST.JAMES GARDENS is an extension in the area of Westminster, in central London, is the oldest of the Royal Parks of the city. St James's Park is surrounded by the Buckingham Palace .
32598afc-95d5-4569-be62-b0aed1f06538.jpg (image/jpg) HYDE PARK is one of the largest parks in London, and one of the Royal Parks of London, famous for its Speakers' Corner.
961b435e-bf9c-45e5-a01a-e130ac92bc40.jpg (image/jpg) HOUSES OF THE PARLIAMENT The Palace of Westminster is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. the Palace lies on the bank of the River Thames
d7149744-2d12-4b63-8616-44d30592ace6.jpg (image/jpg) LONDON BRIDGE It is a box girder bridge built in concrete and steel. This bridge replaced with vaulted stone 19th century
b2a095eb-ff47-46f0-9b48-7df806e1a54e.jpg (image/jpg) THE TOWER OF LONDON Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress, known as the Tower of London. As a whole, the Tower is a complex of several buildings set within two concentric rings of defensive walls and a moat.
b3e36e32-68c7-4e92-9986-0dfa9be80980.jpg (image/jpg) ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL Is an Anglican cathedral,the cathedral is one of the most famous and most recognisable sights of London, with its dome, framed by the spires of Wren's City
40916fe1-dd0b-49fd-9159-fcd732fd03cf.Gif (image/Gif) 30 ST. MARY AXE widely known informally as The Gherkin, It was completed in December 2003 and opened in April 2004.[4] With 41 storeys, it is 180 metres (591 ft) tall
67fdabff-50e7-468a-ae3b-f33def8ac69b.jpg (image/jpg) 10 DOWNING STREET Colloquially known in the United Kingdom as "Number 10", is the headquarters of the British Government and the official residence and office of the First Lord of the Treasury, an office now invariably held by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
5661587f-d95f-41d6-b6c5-8c3843c6ee9f.JPG (image/JPG) BRITISH MUSEUM is a museum dedicated to human history and culture, located in the Bloomsbury area of London. Its permanent collection, numbering some 8 million works.
e4a5f0cc-2925-49a6-91a3-d835dc614f4c.jpg (image/jpg) THE NACIONAL GALLERY is an art museum in Trafalgar Square in Central London. Founded in 1824, it houses a collection of over 2,300 paintings dating from the mid-13th century to 1900.
d9d82c1a-478f-44b2-8522-b6b6cb1f39ed.jpg (image/jpg) THE UNDERGROUND is a public rapid transit system serving a large part of Greater London, the system serves 270 stations and has 402 kilometres
adc06455-a558-48ec-bf79-e2071d552ae9.jpg (image/jpg) THE AIRPORT OF HEATHROW Is a major international airport in West London, Heathrow is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom and the busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic. Heathrow is also the third busiest airport in the world by total passenger traffic.
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