4. Huawei H13-511. Virtualization.

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4. H13-511 Huawei. Virtualization.

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What are the major virtualization patterns? What are the differences among them? 1. Hosted Virtualization: The virtualization management software functions as a common application running on the underlying OS (Windows or Linux). 2. Bare-metal virtualization: Hypervisor is a VM monitor application that runs directly on physical hardware. 3. OS-level virtualization: The host OS allocates hardware resources among virtual servers and separates virtual servers from each other. 4. Hybrid virtualization
What are the types of computing virtualization? What are the technical preinciples? 1. CPU Virtualization: Multiple VMs share the same CPU. Sensitive instructions in VMs are intercepted, simulated, and executed. 2. Memory virtualization: Multiple VMs share the same physical memory and they need to be isolated from each other. 3. I/O devices virtualization: Multiple VMs share the same physical device, such as a disk or network adapter. Those I/O devices are multiplexed using time-division technology.
What are the types of storage virtualization? 1. "Raw device + Logical volume" 2. Storage device virtualization 3. "Host storage virtualization + File system"
What are the ways for implementing network virtualization? 1.vSwitch 2.eSwitch 3. Physical Switch (802.1QBG)
Bare-metal virtualization delivers a high performance and supports multiple OSs. It is a major virtualization trend. (true or false) T
What are the ways for implementing network virtualization? a) eSwitch b) vSwitch c) Physical switch d) Network router a,b,c
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