EPR Week 4

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- Lernzettel Woche 4 - HWS 2018 Carey

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What is causality ? Certain conditions that are necessary for some event/ behaviour to occur ! => If Y changes, X will occur !
What is the difference between a necessary and sufficient cause ? 1. Necessary cause: A change in X must occur for Y to change ! 2. Sufficient : A change in X can occur for Y to change, but does not have to! Y can change, although X didn't occur !
What means causality in politcal science ? The strength & direction of relationship between variables !
What do we normally want to say (regarding causality?) "X causes Y"
What is the "X" ? - is the variable causing the cange - independent variable
What is the "Y" ? - variable we want to predict/ explain - dependant variable
What can we almost never ? "prove" causality => we can usually only demonstrate association !
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