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What are the two types of quantitative data? discrete (ungrouped) and continuous (grouped)
What is Data frequency? Relative frequency? Cumulative frequency? Data Frequency: number of times data has been recorded on a tally R.F frequency/total frequency C.F: sum of the frequency from lowest to highest (add them from 0 to 100 example idk)
What are the 4 types of graphs? Bar graphs Histograms Frequency polygons Circle graphs
4 steps to group data? 1) range: highest number - lowest number 2) create intervals 3) find frequencys 4) represent the data by graphs
What is Index (Indices)? It is a base value used to compare the values of a collective group of variables
CPI??? Consumer price index: used to measure and monitor retail prices of goods and services.
Inflation: meaning and equation Meaning; when prices of goods and services go up, the value of money decreases Equation: final value x initial value /initual value (all multiply by 100)
List the 7 sampling techniques Simple random convenience Systematic Voluntary Cluster Stratified Multi Stage
What is simple random sampling? every member of a population has an equal chance of selection. Selection of people will not affect those who were not selected
What is Systematic Sampling? selelction is done using intervals example: choosing every 10th person from 100 students equation: population size/sample size
What is stratified and Cluster sampling? (the difference) Stratified Sampling: members share a common characteristic like age, gender, race, ethnic group etc. AKA strata Cluster sampling: (more specifc than stratified) when u select random representatives of a certain group of population - example: muslim community is stratified. Elderly in muslim community is cluster.
What is multi-stage sampling? several levels of RANDOM sampling example: Canada -> ON -> Toronto -> Mississauga -> Dundas Street -> Neighborhood 3232-3275
- What is Voluntary response? - convenience sampling? - V.R: when the population has an option to participate in the survey (the researcher is inviting members to do it) - C.S: selected population for information because it is easily accessible
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