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Small deck to assist learner in understanding the basics of the history and governing bodies associated with the Veterinary Medicine field.
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Earliest literature referencing veterinary care 2500 BC
Why did European Gov't support livestock research? 17th and 18th Century animal plagues
First Vet College: WHERE AND WHEN? Lyon 1761
1850's First US Vet College?
Less than 1 year US vet colleges first programs were a duration of?
Laws that govern Vet Medicine in a particular state Veterinary Practice Acts -each state has it's own regulations
Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (BVME) Group appointed by the governor that then makes regulation recommendations to the State legislators
Roles of BVME -makes regulation recommendations to state legislators -administers license and certificate examinations -holds hearings to air complaints about it's state's Veterinary Professionals
Terms used to denote Technicians who have achieved all Vet Practice Act requirements -licensed, registered, certified
Vet Tech title acronyms; vary by state AHT, AT, VT, RVT, CVT, LVT, GVT
Controlled Substance Act enforced by? Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
Controlled Substance Act requires? -License to obtain, purchase or dispense -Controlled Substances be double-locked -Logging of dispensed and used substances -Storing records for 5 years -Taking inventory every 2 years
US Dep't of Labor requires? Employers to be registered and have a EIN
Standards enforced by Dept. of Labor? Occupational Safety and Health regulations
Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a division of what US organization? Dept. of of Labor
OSHA's Federal Requirements (states can add more) -display job safety & health protection poster -record occupational injuries and illness -display warning and identification signage -write plans for job safety and health -train employees to have proper procedures & give them protective equipment
US Dept. of Health and Human Services branches Public Health Service National Institutes of Health Food and Drug Administation
overseer's of the regulations regarding the care and use of animals in biomedical research PHS and NIH
FDA primarily enforces? The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act
Which branch of the FDA is concerned with animals? Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM)
The code of ethics for Veterinary Technicians was adopted in? 1989
The ______ Administration enforces regulations to protect workers from workplace hazards. Occupational Safety and Health
The Veterinary Practice Act is a set of laws written by the _________. state legislators
Vets who dispense and prescribe narcotic drugs are licensed the by ______? DEA
APHIS Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
______ enforces the Animal Welfare Act APHIS
________ ensures meat and poultry products are safe and correctly labeled. Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS)
The __________ is a group of federal laws designed to ensure that laboratory animals receive the best possible care. Animal Welfare Act
X-Ray machines are regulated by this organization State Departments of Health
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