The Basic Planning Process (6-steps)

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The Basic Planning Process (6-steps)

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BASIC PLANNING PROCESS (6 STEPS) 1. Stating Goals 2. Listing Alternative Ways of reaching goals 3. Developing Premises upon which each alternative is based on 4. Choosing Best Alternative for reaching goal 5. Developing Plans to pursue chosen alternative 6. Putting Plans into actions
1. Stating Goals Use S.M.A.R.T
2. Listing Alternative Ways of Reaching Goals List as many alternatives as possible
3. Developing Premises upon which Assumptions is based List all advantages and disadvantages of each alternative
4. Choosing Best Alternative for Reaching Goal Evaluate which alternative is best / more important for business Choose best alternative
5. Developing Plans into actions to pursue Chosen Alternative Create a "plan of action" with Who What When Why Where How
Putting Plans into Action Implement plan (Do plan)
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