Biology- Genes, Chromosomes and DNA

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Flash Cards that are inline with the OCR 21st Century Biology GCSE Unit B1- You and Your Genes

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Where and how is genetic information arranged? The nucleus contains genetic information and it is arranged in chromosomes (long molecules of coiled DNA).
What is a gene and what is its function? A gene is a short length of DNA that codes for proteins, the building blocks of cells.
What are alleles? Alleles are the different variations that genes come in.
Four examples of structural proteins? Skin, hair, blood and cytoplasm.
What kind of proteins are enzymes like amylase? They are functional proteins, they help with digestion.
What is an organisms genotype? The genes that the organism has.
What is an organisms phenotype? The characteristics that an organism displays.
What are the two different factors that affect an organisms characteristics? Genes (dimples or eye colour) and some are environmental (scars).
Give an example of a characteristic that is both environmental and genes? Weight can be affected by both genes and environmental factors.
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