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Agnosticism not being sure whether god exists
Atheism believing that god doesn't exist
conversion when your life is changed by giving yourself to god
free will the idea that humans are free to make their own choices
miracle something which seems to break a low of science and makes you think only god could have done it
moral evil actions done by humans which cause suffering
natural evil things which cause suffering but have nothing to do with humans
numinous the feeling of the presence of something greater that yourself
omni-benevolent the belief that god is all good
omnipotent the belief that god is all powerful
omniscient the belief that god knows everything that has happened and everything that is going to happen
prayer an attempt to contact god, usually through words
abortion the removal of a foetus from the womb before it is able to survive
assisted suicide providing a seriously ill person with the means to commit suicide
Euthanasia the painless killing of someone dying from a painful disease
immortality of the soul the idea that the soul lives on after the death of the body
near-death experience when someone about to die has an out of body experience
non-voluntary euthanasia ending someones life painlessly when they are unable to ask, but you have good reason for thinking that would want you to do so
paranormal unexplained things which are thought to have spiritual causes e.g. ghosts, mediums
quality of life the idea that life must have some benefits to be worth living
reincarnation the belief that after death the body stays in the grave until the end of the world when it is raised
sanctity of life the belief that life is holy and belongs to god
voluntary euthanasia ending life painlessly when someone in great pain asks for death
adultery a sexual act between a married person and someone who is not their marriage partner
civil partnership a legal ceremony giving a homosexual couple the same legal rights as a husband and wife
cohabitation living together without being married
contraception intentionally preventing pregnancy from occurring
faithfulness staying with your marriage partner and having sex only with them
homosexuality sexual attraction to the same sex
nuclear family mother, father and children living as a unit
pre-marital sex sex before marriage
procreation making a new life
promiscuity having sex with a number of partners without commitment
re-constituted family where two set of children become one family when their divorced parents marry each other
re-marriage marrying again after being divorced from a previous marriage
community cohesion a common vision and shared sense of belonging for all groups in society
discrimination treating people less favourably because of their ethnicity/gender/colour/sexuality/age/class
ethnic minority a member of an ethnic group which is much smaller than the majority group
interfaith marriages marriage where the husband and wife are from different religions
multi-ethnic society many different races and cultures living together in one society
multi-faith society many different religions living together in one society
prejudice believing some people are inferior or superior without even knowing them
racial harmony different races/colours living together happily
racism the belief that some races are superior to others
religious freedom the right to practise your religion and change your religion
religious pluralism accepting all religions as having an equal right to coexist
sexism discriminating against people because of their gender
atonement reconciliation between god and humanity
catechism official teaching of the roman catholic church
compassion a feeling of pity which makes one want to help the sufferer
creeds statement of christian beliefs
faith firm belief without logical proof
incarnation the belief that god took human form in jesus
monotheism belief in one god
repentance the act of being sorry for wrongdoing and deciding not to do it again
salvation the act of delivering from sin, or saving from evil
trinity the belief that god is three in one
unity gods way of being one
virgin birth the belief that jesus was not conceived through sex
anglican churches churches that are in communion with the church of england
apostolic the belief that the church can only be understood in the light of the apostles
bishops priests specially chosen by the pope who are responsible for all the churches in a diocese
catholic universal or worldwide
celibacy living without engaging in any sexual activity
holy of, or relating to god, sacred
laity all the people in the church who are not chosen to be bishops, priests or deacons
magisterium the pope and the bishops interpreting the bible and tradition for roman catholics today
nonconformist churches protestant christians separated from the church of England
ordination making someone a priest, bishop or deacon by the sacrament of holy orders
orthodox churches national churches which are in the union with the patriarch of constantinople
papacy the office of the pope
absolution through the action of the priest god grants pardon and peace
chrism the oil used in baptism, confirmation and ordination
commemoration the belief that the Eucharist is simply a remembrance of the last supper
contrition sorrow for the sin committed an deciding not to sin again
holy week the week before easter sunday
Liturgy of the Eucharist the re-enactment of the last supper during which the bread and wine are transubstantiated
Liturgy of the word the bible readings in the second part of the mass
penance an action to show your contrition
penitential rite the confession and absolution at the beginning of mass
Rite of communion receiving the body and blood of jesus
sacrament an outward sign through which invisible grace is given to a person by jesus
transubstantiation the belief that the bread and wine become the body and blood of jesus
active life the life lived by religious orders who work in society as well as praying
charity voluntary giving to those in need
contemplative life the life of prayer and meditation lived by some religious orders
displaying religion making a show of your religion, e.g. by some religious orders
The evangelical cousels the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience
holy orders the status of a priest, bishop or deacon
hypocrite a person who acts in a way that contradicts what they say
the law of moses the laws god gave to moses in the old testament
the monastic life living as a monk or un in a monastic community
religious community a religious order who live together as a group, e.g. the benedictines
the sermon on the mount jesus' description of christian living
vocation a call from god to lead the christian life
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