The Consequences of the 1916 Rising

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Consequences of the 1916 Rising A. B. S. M. F. 1
A. - Approximately 500 people killed – 2,500 injured - £3 million (in 1916) worth of damage done to property 2
B. - British outraged – it was a stab in the back while they were at war with Germany – they rounded up & imprisoned 2000 people without trial – many had nothing to do with rising 3
S. - They picked out the leaders and secretly tried and shot them by firing squad. This included Pearse, MacDonagh, Clarke and Connolly (who was strapped to a chair) – Countess Markievicz escaped execution as she was a woman 4.
M. - Media strongly condemned the rising and at first most people did too – however the imprisonment and execution of Irish people angered the public – Public opinion turning against the British in favour of the executed leaders of the rising. 5.
F. - The 1916 rising failed militarily – the execution of its leaders led to the War of Independence – this succeeded in removing 26 counties from under British rule. 6.
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