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Aim Investigating the language capacity of a pygmy chimpanzee and to contrast it with a common chimpanzees
Design Longitudinal case study
Sample Pygmy chimpanzee called Kanzi who was born in captivity. At 2.5 years old he was separated from his mother.
Describe the lexigram used by Kanzi Indoors he used a keyboard with symbols that glowed when touched and the speech synthesiser spoke the word. Laminated copy was used outdoors where he could point
How long did they record Kanzi's language development for? For 17 months since the age 2.5 years old.
Describe the 2 types of records kept? Computerised record from his keyboard Notes from observers when outside
How was data collected? Recorded either correct or incorrect, spontaneous, imitation, structured (response to question). Also whether it matched his behaviour (if he said he was going to the tree house and if he actually led them to the tree house)
Controls Video camera used to film symbols used outside. It was analysed and compared with the notes taken by observers.
Findings 2,530 combination of symbols 265 examples of imitating symbols Understood the order of the words and changing the order changes the meaning
Was ecological validity high/low ? Can be considered high as Kanzi was allowed to roam outside However Kanzi wasn't reared in his natural environment.
Describe a way both reliability and validity are high? Controls and formal tests which meant that bias is less likely.
Generalisability Very small sample of chimpanzees. Improvement would be to study more chimpanzees
Ethics Chimps were not reared in natural environment Unable to return to natural habitat Too dependent on humans Skills are needed when in the wild
Improvements Independent raters Bigger sample
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