travel and tourism

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what is GDP and what does it mean? Gross Domestic Product. Measures the value of all goods and services.
what is Domestic, Outbound and inbound travel? Domestic- holidays in your own country Outbound- travelling out of the UK. Inbound- travelling from the UK from a different country.
What is sustainable tourism? Sustainable tourism meets the needs of present tourist and local communities while protecting the natural and historical and cultural environment for the future.
Name 3 visitor attractions. Natural- attractions that are formed by the environment Purpose built- attractions that are for made for tourist. Heritage-_ attractions that are old historical
What is one function of an organisation such as Visit Britain? Providing a service: search for accommodation Regulation: Health and safety
explain why tourism organisations develop sustainable toursim. become more known because theyll increase their ethical ways so customers will want to go to them.
explain 2 ways in which major events can contribute to the UKs economy. more toursist who want to buy things which will boost their economy. more flights into London which will boost their economy.
give one advantage and disadvantage of using the internet for providers of holiday accommodatiuon. advantage: its easy to access disadvantage: you cant organise excursions in 1 payment it all has to be done from differnt payments
name 2 technological developments that have changed rhe passenger experience at airports. checking in on the internet security scanner
give 2 other products and/or services tour operators provide. Transfers/transport excursions
give 2 roles a travel a agent performs book the flights + accomodation finds cheapest hotels + flights
give an advantage and disadvantage of being apart of a corporate group for organisations in the travel and tourism industry. advantage: more money and profit as theyre all part of one coporation. disadvantage: customers my have had a bad experience with one of the business and wont want to go back to another one thats apart of the coporation
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