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How has the family become diverse? > Divorce rate > Marriage > Cohabitation > Lone parent families
Who think the Nuclear family is the best kind? > Functionalists > New right
The cereal packet family > Portrayed as the best kind of family. > Stereotype put forward by advertisements. > Portrays best number of children to have is 2 and expressive and instrumental roles are shown. > Misleading, because there have been many changes in the family e.g. family types and arrangements.
Statistics > In 2011 only 21% of households had a married or cohabitant family with dependent children. > In 2011 29% of families were living alone e.g. because of divorce, ageing population etc. > In 2011 26% of families were lone parent and 92% of these were headed by women.
Modified extended family > Even if families live apart it does not mean that they do not stay in contact.
Beanpole family > Because of an ageing population people are living into their 80's and 90's but at the same time people are having fewer children which means the family has become longer and thinner.
Definition of cultural diversity > Family structure is different between ethnic groups.
Caribbean families > Marriage rates are low, not seen as important and high levels of lone parent families. > If they do marry divorce rate is twice as high as white couples. > Mixed partnerships common. Half of black men in this country have a white partner compared to 1/3 of black women who marry white men.
Asian families > Families are patriarchal. > Committed to marriage. > Tight knit families and family loyalty. > Respect for parents. > Arranged marriages. > Women seen as housewives and have a lot of children. > Most married by 25. > Traditional cereal packet family is high. > Divorce rate is low because it's disapproved of.
Family diversity is a bad thing - Functionalists > Parsons said NF is best for meeting needs of society for geographically and socially mobile workforce. It also performs the 2 functions. > NF with division of labor between man and women is best suited to perform functions effectively. Evaluation > Ignore darker side of the family e.g. conflict in marriage, male domination, child abuse etc. > Parsons wrote in 1950's and since then Western societies have become multicultural.
Family diversity is a bad thing - New Right > Decline of NF and growth of family diversity has led to social problems e.g. high crime rates. > They see lone parent families as unnatural and harmful to children as they cannot discipline children properly and are burden on welfare state. Evaluation > Little evidence to show that lone parent families are part of a dependency culture. > F argue the NF is favored by the new right because it is based on patriarchal oppression of women.
Family diversity is a bad thing - Robert Chester > Importance of family diversity has been exaggerated. > Sees NF as dominant but recognises that it has changed to become a 'neo-convential' family. > More about lifestyle than people. Evaluation > Rapoports argue family diversity is of central importance in understanding family life today. Moved from traditional NF to a range of different types.
Family diversity is a good thing - David Morgan > Family diversity has increased due to society becoming more fragmented. > Sees family as what people do rather than a thing or structure. Evaluation > Structuralist sociologists argue although life practices are the actions of individuals they take place in the context of the wider social structure and norms.
Family diversity is a good thing - David Cheal > Family diversity has increased because we have more choice over the type of family we create and as a result family life has become more diverse than ever. Evaluation > Sociologists point out that the greater choice we have the instability this creates.
Family diversity is a good thing - Anthony giddens > Family diversity has increased because there is more choice between men and women. As a result, the couple are free to define their relationships themselves rather than acting out roles defined by tradition. Evaluation > More choice means personal relationships can become less stable and can be ended by either partner.
Family diversity is a good thing - Judith Stacey > Changing position of women has increased the diversity of family types. > She found many women reject the traditional stay-at-home role and instead have created new types of family e.g. 'divorce-extended' family.
Family diversity is a good thing - Jeffery Weeks > Identifies long-term shift in attitudes towards sexual and family diversity since 1950's. > Cohabitation and homosexuality are more favorable nowadays. Evaluation > Despite these changing attitudes family patterns tend to be fairly traditional. Most still live with a family and children are mostly brought up by couples. > Some sociologists suggest these changes have led to 'crisis of masculinity' where men experience anxiety about their role.
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