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Anastasi & Rhodes •3 age groups: young, middle, old •asked to rate 24 photos - 8 of each age •photo recognition of 48 photos inc. 24 • young & middle more accurate recognition, however yourecognizedsed old less : vise versa (OWN AGE BIAS) • Real world application however may have extraneous variables
Dekle et al •Children more willing than adults to make positive identification
Yarmey •Carried out a staged event and found that elderly people were more prone to error than children: 80% failed to mention the knife than 20% of the children - demand characteristics -investigator effect ??
Warren et al •older children more influenced by leading Q's than adults -children may not understand instructions.
Gruneberg & Morris • Recall better in children if context in event is reinstated -supports cognitive interviews
Dodson & Krueger • matched college students and older people • watched burglary video then asked 24 Q's - 8 misleading • asked to rate confidence • found that there was no difference in effect of misleading Q's but older participants were more confident -real life- matching participants useful control
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