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Background to Mcgraph (Behavioral)? linked to waston and Rayner in phobias phobias are irrational fear responses to specific situation
Aim to Mcgraph (Behavioral)? To treat a girl with a specific noise phobia using systematic desensitisation
method, Design and participant to Mcgraph (Behavioral)? single subject case study, 9 year old girl called Lucy fear of balloons, party poppers, guns and cars backfiring lower average IQ not depressed parents gave full consent
Procedure to Mcgraph (Behavioral)? Lucy taught breathing and imagery to relax and was told to imagine her self in her room playing with her toys. Fear thermometer used 1-10 to measure fear the lead to association between the stimulus and feeling of clam after 4 session she no longer imagined her self at home
Results to Mcgraph (Behavioral)? 1st session Lucy reluctant to allow balloon to be burst at bottom of corridor and cried when it was by end of 5th she poped it her self 10th fear thermometer had gone ; balloon 7/10-3/10, party p 9/10-3/10, cap gun 8/10-5/10
Conclusion to Mcgraph (Behavioral)? noise phobia in children are amenable through systematic desensitsation
Evaluation to Mcgraph (Behavioral)? +useful in helping children overcome there phobias +high validity however don't always have people around to push you forward to over come it - lack genrabilty - reductionist and deterministic ignores other factors
background to Karp and Frank (biological )? depression
Aim Karp and Frank (biological )? To compare drug treatment and non drug treatment for depression
method Karp and Frank (biological )? Review article, single drug treatment, single psychological therapy, combined treatments, placebo based on women with depression
Procedure to Karp and Frank (biological )? Depression measured through various depression inventories. Patients tested prior during and after treatments.
Results to Karp and Frank (biological )? many studies found adding psychological treatments to drug therapy did not increase effectiveness of drug therapy. however adherence increased in combined treatments
conclusion to Karp and Frank (biological )? although it seem logical 2 treatments are better than one the evidence does not show any better outcomes for patients offered it as opposed to only drug therapy
Evaluation to Karp and Frank (biological )? +useful - understand right treatment +info is reliable +takes a holistic look and various treatments - bias from review article - lacks validity +looking at nurture depression however ignores other factors i.e biology
Background to Ost and westling ? CBT aims to correct or restructure irrational thoughts. Ellis rational emotive therapy ; challenges beliefs and provide counter arguments becks cognitive restructuring therapy ; encouraged to think their process through to rational conclusion
Aim to Ost and westling ? To compare cognitive behavioral therapy with applies relaxation of therapies for panic disorder
Method, Design and participants to Ost and westling ? Longtundianl, independent measures 38 patients with DSM diagnosis of panic disorder all undergoing therapy recruited by referrals from psychiatrist +newspaper 26 female, 12 male
Procedure to Ost and westling ? pre treatment (baseline assed) using panic attack scale + record details of panic attack in diary , 12 weeks treatment with homework, applied relaxation used to identify cause +relaxation techniques to take away tension
Procedure 2 to Ost and westling ? CBT used to identify misinterpretation of physical symptoms and then to generate alternative cognitive response. Stressful situations were induced which they could not avoid thus had to aspect reconstructed thoughts, they were then reassessed
RESULTS to Ost and westling ? Applied relax showed 65% panic free after treatment 82% after 1 yr CBT 74% after treatment 89% after year differences weren't significant
Conclusion to Ost and westling ? Both Cbt and relaxation worked at reducing panic attacks but its difficult to rule out cognitive changes
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