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Onset of Humalog (Lispro) is the peak is and duration is Onset is less than <15 in Peak 30 - 90 min duration 4 hr
Regular insulin onset peak and duration onset 30 - 60 min peak 2- 4 hr duration 5-7 hrs
NPH onset peak and duration of insulin onset 3 - 4 hours peak 6 - 12 hours duration is 18 - 28 hours
Lente onset peak and duration of insulin onset 1 - 3 hrs peak 8 - 12 hrs duration 36 hrs
ultra lente onset peak and duration onset 4-6 preak 18-24 duration 36 hr
70/30 insulin onset peak and duration onset 15-30 peak at 2 - 3 hr and again at 8 - 12 duration is 18 - 24 hrs
short term insulin usd before meals are used for ketonacidosis, surgery infection trauma or poorly controlled diabetis Humalog, lispro and regular humalog
long acting insulin nph, lente
insulin what do you draw up first long acting or short and how is it done roll insulin between hands put air in long acting cloudy which is nph or lente, then put air in short acting clear Humalog lispro or regular, then draw up short acting the draw up long acting
ketonacidosis aka DKA assess urine dipsia phagia resp bp hr bs levels > bun creatine sodium potassium hct indicates polydipsia, polyphagia, polyuria, n and v, soft eye balls, kussmal resp deep labor breathing, increased Bun >22, increased creatine > 1.4 decreased na less than 135 decreased potassium <3.2 bs level >250
IV solutions and how they are given for Ketoneacidosis dka are NS0.9 NaCl, then hypontoic 0.45 nacl when Bs is lower than 250 add 5% dextrose potassium observe for signs of hypokalemia or hyperkalemia
If IV insulin drip is given what is given too small amt of albumin
DKa check I & O and vs how often hourly
out of control type II diabetics with BS above >600 can get HHNK hyperglycemic hyperosmolar nonketone Coma
HHNK hyperglycemia hypersmolar Nonketone signs and syptoms bs bun creatin hct breathing breath urine bs >600 Increase bun above 21 increased creatine >1.4 no kussmal resp. but has acetone breath, check urine for glucose
Treatment for HHNK SAme as dka ns .09 nacl, they .045 na cl when bs <250 add 5% dextrose
if you have a goiter avoid what foods avoid turnups, spinach , rutabegga and strawberries
addisons pt should avoid what in hot weather excercise
ACTH tumor casues cushings and it does what to BP Increases BP
for adrenal insufficience you are on what life long medication Gluccotiod steroids
in Addison clucocortiocoid are given and what IV is necessary sodium and Dextrose
first thing to do with pt with dka admin insulin
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