AQA Biology 17.2 species diversity and human activities

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what has mankind's impact on the world led to? reduction in biodiversity
what are the two main activities that have caused this reduction in biodiversity? agriculture and deforestation
what does an ecosystem become as they develop overtime? a community
what do these communities have? high species diversity
how does agriculture reduce biodiversity? the land can only support a certain amount of biomass. farmers want this to be high. this is mostly taken up by one species so other species have to compete
what is species diversity index like in agricultural ecosystems? low
what is species diversity like in natural forests? high
what is deforestation? the permanent clearing of forests and conversion of land to other uses.
what is one other human cause of deforestation? acid rain from man made pollutants
what is the most serious consequence of deforestation? loss of biodiversity
how many species are estimated to be lost each year due to deforestation? 50,000
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