AQA Biology 17.1 species diversity

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what is biodiversity/ general term used to describe variety in the living world. refers to number and variety of living organisms in a particular area and has 3 components
what are the 3 components? species diversity genetic diversity ecosystem diversity
what is species diversity? the number of different species and the number of individuals of each species within any one community
what is genetic diversity? refers to the variety of genes possessed by the individuals that make up any one species
what is ecosystem diversity? refers to the range of different habitats within a particular area
what are the two components of species diversity? -number of different species in a given area -proportion of the community that is made up of an individual species
what word describes the proportion for example how common one species it? abundance
how would two communities differ if they both contain 25 species? for example a meadow may have 25 species of equal abundance, where as a wheat field, over 95% could be wheat and the other 5% in those 24 other species
what does N stand for in the species diversity index? total number of organisms of all species
what does the n stand for in the species index equation? total number of organisms of one species
how does the given value show level of species diversity? the higher the value, the greater the species diversity
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