3.4 Moon Landing and Aftermath

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What date did Apollo 11 lift off? 16 July, 1969
Where did it lift off? Kennedy Space Centre, Florida
Who were the three men? Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins
How fast did it go towards the moon after orbiting the earth? 25,000mph
How long did the journey take? Three days
What did the men have to adapt to? Weightlessness
What happened on 19 July? Columbia went in orbit 69 miles above moon surface. Circled moon every 2 hours
Who remained in Columbia? Collins
What was controlling Lunar Module? Computers at Mission Control, Florida
Where did Armstrong guide the Module due to the landing site being covered with rocks? A flat area in the Sea of Tranquility
What caused cheering to break out in Mission Control? "The Eagle has landed"
How many people watched the Moon Landing? An estimated 600 million people
What did they collect? About 60 pounds of moon rock
What did Aldrin and Armstrong abandon when leaving? Unnecessary equipment and Lunar Module
What date did they land on the moon? 20 July
What date did they land on earth? 24 July
How many more moon landings were there between 1969 and 1972? Five
What happened to Apollo 13? Oxygen tank exploded, astronauts survived in the Lunar Module
When was the last Apollo mission? 1972
How much did it cost to put men on the moon? $27 billion
What declined in the 1970's? US economy
What type of victory was the moon landing? Propaganda victory
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