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Death The End of our Earthly Life. Atheists Believe Death marks the End of our Personal Existence. Agnostics Reserve any Judgement after Death. Christians believe that Death marks the End of our Journey on Earth, but our Immortal Soul Continues to Live on
Eternal Life Life Forever after Death. Many Religions believe that Death Marks the End of our Earthly Experience but that there IS some Form of Existence after Death
Heaven Life in the Presence of God for All Eternity. Since God is Omnibenevolent and Just, he will Not Force His Love on Someone. If someone chooses to Reject God, then they are choosing to Live Without God Forever.
Judgement The Ability to make Considered Decisions. Only God has the Authority to Judge a Person on their Actions, since only God is Omniscient. Catholics believe in 2 types of Judgement: Particular Judgement (individual) and General Judgement (all humanity)
Magisterium The Teaching Authority of the Roman Catholic Church, especially as it is Exercised by the Pope and Bishops
Resurrection The Rising of Jesus from the Tomb on Easter Sunday after his Death on Good Friday. Since Jesus Rose from the Dead, Christians believe they have been given the Promise of Eternal Life with God
Soul The Immortal Part of a Person that Lives on After Death. Christians believe that because they are Made "Imago Dei", they have a Spiritual, Eternal Part of Themselves that Belongs to God. This is known as the Soul
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