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Caribbean Central American region of tropical islands economically dependent on tourism
Catering facilities Places where tourists obtain food and drink
Chain of Distribution How travel and tourism product reaches the customer.
Channel Tunnel/ Eurotunnel Rail tunnel beneath the English Channel
Charter Flight booked by tour operator for package holidaymakers
Christmas markets Christmas-themed retail event held in weeks leading up to 25 December
City Break 2- or 3-day holiday in historic or other city with tourist appeal
Climate Average pattern of rainfall and temperature during the year
Climatic change Global weather changes brought about by the greenhouse effect
Commercial Where profit is the objective
Commercialised Spoiled by the activities and effects of making money.
Component Category of travel and tourism
Conferences Large assembly of business people to attend presentations by speakers
Conflict Clash of interests
Consumer needs Requirements of the customer
Consumer organisations Independent bodies working to obtain services of a high standard for customers
Corporate event Occasion to entertain guests of a business company
Costas Coastal regions of Spain
Cruise Holiday at sea making journey between ports
Cultural change Loss of traditional lifestyle because of tourism's influence
Cultural Tourism Interest in the way of life and art of a country
Customer expectations What customers anticipate and will be satisfied with
Demonstration effect Tourism's influence upon a host destination's attitudes and way of life
Diversification Producing more varied travel and tourism products
Disposable income Amount of money available for personal expenditure
Drought Serious shortage of water after extended period of low rainfall
Domestic tourism UK residents taking holidays and making day trips within the UK
Disability Temporary or long-term restriction in carrying out part of normal physical functions
Destinations Places that have appeal for tourists
Demographics Age, gender, and population structure
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