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Quotations and evaluations for John Dunne's "The Anniversary"

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"The sun itself, which makes times, as they pass, is elder than a year now than it was" Even the sun is subject to time. They are boasting that their love is more powerful than the sun.
"Only our love hath no decay" Elevates them above everyone else. They are arrogant and believe that their relationship is more special than everyone else's.
"But truly keeps its first, last, everlasting day." "Everlasting" overthrows "first" and "last". Suggests their love cannot be measured by time.
"Death were no divorce" Death cannot destroy their relationship, it is more special than earthly things, it is immortal.
"Souls where nothing dwells but love" In heaven, nothing will threaten their relationship as their souls will continue to love each other.
"A love increased there above" Death will not end their relationship, it will be even stronger after death in heaven.
"But we no more than all the rest." Signifies the change in mood. They have realised that their love is mortal and will die with them, like other lovers. They reconsider how they think if themselves.
"Here upon earth we're kings" Although they have recognised that their love is mortal, they will think of the earth as their kingdom. No one will be able to control them. Their love is still superior.
"None can do treason to us, except one of us two." Emphasises the security in each other's faithfulness and shows that they believe nothing outside can harm their love.
"Years and unto years" Significant change as now the couple are using time to measure the strength of their relationship.
"This is the second of our reign" Their first choice would have been to have love beyond the bounds of tie however they now realise the must acknowledge time and use it to measure their love. "Reign" suggests power and royalty again.
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