Cities of Great Britain

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cities of Great Britain

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Newcastle Expect something different in this fast-moving cultural city. Newcastle-Gateshead has an energy and excitement that is distinctly, uniquely its own, blending world-class attractions with a history that stretches back over 2,000 years.
Liverpool Fall in love with Liverpool, with its charming locals, world-famous music scene, and amazing shopping. The perfect blend of old and new, this stylish city is the birthplace of the Beatles, home of Liverpool FC, and makes for an unforgettable city break.
Manchester The city is widely recognised as one of the coolest in Britain. Manchester has reinvented itself as a truly contemporary metropolis, with modern landmarks, excellent art and culture, great bars and world-class hospitality.
Glasgow A sassy Scottish city with world-class shopping, arts, culture and architecture - it can only be Glasgow. Its history stretches back to the Stone Age, but this city is thoroughly modern and no stranger to a good time. It’s no wallflower either
Blackpool Bold, brash and beautiful, Blackpool is Britain's playground by the sea. It's Britain's most popular seaside resort packed with wall to wall family entertainment.
Aberdeen Aberdeen, Scotland’s third-largest city, is a town with sparkle. Its glittering granite skyline, famous the world over, is matched by an impressive line-up of culture, shopping and nightlife from world-class restaurants to first-rate museums.
Edinburgh Edinburgh is a city loved by royalty and party animals alike. Centuries of history have left their mark on this city, giving the atmospheric, medieval Old Town, elegant, Georgian New Town and the attractions of one of Britain’s most cutting-edge cities.
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