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china dates

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PRC established 1949
Korean War 1950-53
Sine-Soviet agreement signed Feb 1950
communist campaign against religion 1950
Marriage law passed 1950
Mao launches Anti-movements 1951
Abolition of rival parties 1952
first five year plan 1952-56
Death of Joseph Stalin March 1953
The Gao Gang and Rao Rashi affair 1954
Reform of the mandarin language 1955
collectivisation 1956
Mao attends Moscow conference 1957
Launch of the Hundred Flowers Campaign 1957
The Great Leap Forward 1958-62
The Great Famine 1958-62
Lushan Conference 1959
Tibetan Rising 1959
Liu Shaoqui and Deng xiaoping appointed to tackle the famine 1962
Mao withdraws from public life 1962
publication of The Little Red Book 1963
publication of the Diary of Lei Feng 1963
The wu han affair: the play 'the dismissal of Hai Rui from office' attacked 1965
creation of the CCRG: Central Cultural Revolution Group 1966
Mao's first public appearance since 1962 1966
First Tiananmen Rally 1966
Liu Shaoqui and Deng xiaoping dismissed form office 1966
launch of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 1966-76
launch of 'the cleansing of the class ranks' campaign 1968
Lin Biao and his family killed in a plane crash 1971
launch of the criticise Lin Biao and Confucius campaign 1972
Liu Shaoqui dies in prison 1972
Deng Xiaoping and zhou Enlai re-enter government 1972
1 million barefoot doctors trained 1973
Death of Mao Zedong 1976
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